Toxic Trespass

The Dow Chemical Company has been trespassing on private property for decades and getting away with it. The trespass in this case is harmful and it is toxic. For the transgressors at issue are man-made synthetic chemicals, more than 100,000 of which have been "invented" and let loose in the world since the 1930s. Yet many of these chemicals are toxic to life and have been doing harm for years, insinuating themselves into blood, body tissue, sperm and egg. "Body burdens" of toxic chemicals are now being measured in humans and wildlife all over the globe. The result is not a pretty picture: cancers, birth defects, poisoned workers, and polluted communities. The guilty parties in these transgressions, however, have not been brought to account, and they have not been stopped. To this day, "toxic trespass" continues, and it is poisoning all of us.

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From Trespass Against Us